Jennifer_Jack_BestJennifer Durand has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years. Along the way she has graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has enjoyed a successful career as a cabaret singer and voice-over artist. You may have heard her voice on the Garfield the Cat cartoons, the Young Indiana Jones television series and on many television and radio commercials. Jennifer currently teaches yoga to children, teenagers and adults.

In fact, she first created The Yoga Garden Game at her dining room table to use in her classes. In these classes, Jennifer also uses music and storytelling to introduce children to the basic concepts of hatha yoga. Her method of yoga helps keep kids limber and strong through gentle stretching, as well as focusing on issues of discipline and self- esteem, designed to create a sense of independence. Many of the older children and teenagers in her classes have already lost a considerable amount of the flexibility they no doubt had as younger children. In these classes, as in the adult classes, she aims to restore the flexibility and strength that once existed effortlessly.

Jennifer says, “Children are naturally gifted in the art of yoga. Although their attention span is sometimes a bit short, for the moments that they are engaged in the activity at hand, nothing else matters, and their concentration and single mindedness works to their advantage. They move in and out of yoga poses with great energy and ease and, of course, a sense of play! Many children lose their inherent flexibility at a tender age these days. Whether this is due to television, video games and the computer age in general I’m not sure. But I do know that children growing up today need tools to remain physically strong and free of stress. Yoga is a simple and effective method of doing both these things. My hope is that my young students find something in my classes that they can rely on and build upon all of their lives”

Jennifer lives in San Francisco with her family. You can email her or call her at 415-753-1334


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